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Foreign Air Blower manufacturer in Chinese market

2014/1/5      view:

"Foreign air blower manufacturer in China market malaise, some transfer of subsidiaries in China, some choose

to withdraw from the Chinese side channel blower market, vestas, GE, Siemens, song mei sayin, suzlon and so on

international big enterprise is difficult to enter the top five tribes of blower market." Cic to take care

of the machine industry researcher Duan Jiaxuan ACTS as a reporter to interview, on the contrary, of

collecting fan manufacturing growth rapidly, China's wind power deployment Settings and equipment

localization rate has reached 90%, installed the scope of global the first. Expansion growth, however,

gave birth to a topic, not neglect happened fan that wind power manufacturing industry in the face of

excess capacity.

To cope with the fierce competition and market slowdown, some foreign companies to accept the firing

people, probably closed the pace of the subsidiary in China. From the point of the current situation,

foreign manufacturers in order to inherit the expanding business in China, only by actively seeking

latent cooperation companions in machine manufacturing industry, through the joint operations talent in

the Chinese market to survive. Now, a special company has accepted this mode, the United States ge

company chose the mutual aid, with state-owned Harbin electric group company chose Shanghai electric and


On September 28, 2010, GE and the electric group affiliated Harbin electric co., LTD announced the

establishment of new joint companies, important for the Chinese market open up manufacturing wind

turbine. This year on June 9, the joint stock company, general electricity wind energy (jiangsu) co.,

LTD., completed and put into production, important is engaged in the intertidal zone and Marine high-

power wind turbine research and development, manufacturing, selling, etc. According to local media

reports, in jiangsu province in 2012 is expected to achieve the company sold 1 billion RMB, the new

pick up order exceeds 1.5 billion RMB.

In GE's view, select and the electricity joint stock, helps the low fan manufacturing capital, and open

up emerging offshore wind market in the future. And deal with the electric, introduction of GE's brand

and mature skills, can better and faster to replenish its don't apply and lag in wind power category.

Held in July this year, Shanghai electric and Siemens wind power joint stock company for the opening

ceremony, announced two joint stock companies Siemens wind power set equipment deployment (Shanghai)

co., LTD. And Shanghai electric wind energy co., LTD was officially established, both sides in the

category of wind power on the official start of the hand in hand mutual help.

Reality, relatively closed due to power market, the blower fan manufacturers have to seek foreign

bundle, if conditions allow the baby to use clothing, they still prefer to choose to do themselves. As

to whether this option can win to great joy, they could in the future so that global wind power market

in China, remains to be seen.

"Under many questions target attack, enterprises face the growth rate, gross margin squeeze landing, net

profit declined. As a special group, and other foreign fan manufacturer's situation is more

embarrassing, the market set the equipment deployment price falls, the foreign capital to consider

factors such as brand, profits, providers of transportation capital rather than BianJia." Duan Jiaxuan

thought exposition, after-sales work rate is slow and corresponding product means not conform to the

state in the local conditions, means less than catch up with the pace of China's wind power market agile

change, prompting foreign Air blower manufacturers fled in the Chinese market.

For low wind power investment capital, promote the growth of its customs machine manufacturing, country

requirements of wind power concession projects to localization rate must reach 70%. While the policy I

state this in 2008 to its customs electricity set equipment deployed cumulative market share first not

work not on above the foreign capital enterprise. China's wind power market has its own set of operating

system, many foreign capital does not conform to, some water and soil. If it means less than fully

comply with China's market, compared with hard subject, retreat is a good choice.

Many factors have brought the growth of foreign fan manufacturers, some foreign fan manufacturer

selection and fan manufacturers need to help each other, while others choose to "escape", what is the

reason reason causing them to escape? In Duan Jiaxuan point of view, on the other hand, is the wind

power industry group environment owe good, appear serious excess capacity of the subject; Compared to

the tribes of manufacturing enterprises, on the other hand, foreign companies don't have the upper hand,

the product production capital is higher, and the model means less than satisfied with the market need

in China. Accordingly, its orders and new power of landing in the Chinese market, traffic land result in

corporate losses in a row.

Actually, as the skills of collecting fan manufacturing enterprises constantly innovation, quality

promotion, set up equipment deployment now compared with this its customs electrical manufacturers,

foreign capital is not too big, and management can't keep up with the shortcomings, and its price on all

have bigger gap with local companies, capital also repeatedly failed to completely down.

Most to have the mark sex divide, high-pressure blower is Asia's biggest fan manufacturer suzlon in

exiting the Chinese market. Not long ago, India's suzlon wind power groups in China, its fan

manufacturing unit suzlon energy (tianjin) co., LTD., transferred to the growth of the China power new

energy co., LTD., transfer fee is about $60 million, both sides have signed a contract. Suzlon group

company chairman figure hill temple called "for the Chinese market, we are going to set strategy".

On earth, the Chinese strategy of large scope of mediation has already started very early. In September

2011, citing "business cover more and more serious", suzlon another air blower of German subsidiaries in China

can companies withdrew from the Chinese market, and closed the baotou in Inner Mongolia to the north

wind set equipment deployment co., LTD.

Want to leave China fan market not Sue and seven companies. Grace company early in 1995 to enter the

Chinese wind power market, and in 1998 founded the joint stock enterprise in China, producing 600

kilowatts of fan, but the German turbine manufacturer can't escape from losing of luck.

Credentials of the wind energy association statistics, in 2008, the company adds new power generating

capacity is 144 mw, in China accounted for 2.31% of the new total installed; In 2009, 111 megawatts of

new market share slipped to 0.8%; In 2011, its new power in China is only 49.5 mw, is less than 1/72 of

the number one cause of goldwind science and technology, and two years in a row of new power failed to

into the top 20.