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Vacuum lifting system

2016/7/21      view:

Vacuum Lifters to Reduce Manual Handling

Vacuum Lifting

Further to the broad product range, Hasemer Materials Handling is able to provide its customers Vacuum Handling to cater for wide array of applications.

Repetitive manual handling is a major cause of work related injuries. This can be reduced through Vacuum Handling Solutions
Our Vacuum Handling Solutions provide solutions that:

  • Solve lifting and handling problems for all industries
  • Enable you to comply with Health and Safety guidelines
  • Reduce damage to your product
  • Distribute labour effectively

Hasemer Materials Handling can provide vacuum lifting solutions for the following lifting applications.

  • Sack and bag
  • Box and carton
  • Drum, barrel and kegs
  • Rubber bale and block lifting
  • Glass, sheet, board and door lifting

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Vacuum Lifting

  1. Vacuum Pump/Blower Variety of sizes, ratings and voltages available
  2. Vacuum Relief Valve Protects vacuum pump from overload
  3. Dust Filter 3 types available to protect vacuum pump in most industrial environments
  4. Vacuum Transfer Hose 51mm i/d, tough hosing
  5. Vacuum Tube Lifter Includes - 360o swivel, safety valve and main lift tube
  6. Control Housing Variety of valve options and rigid and/or flexible extensions available
  7. Suction Feet Wide variety of alternative sizes and seal types available
  8. Gantry / Crane Pillar or wall mounted jibs or overhead ‘H’ cranes available