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Industrial Vacuum cleaner

2016/8/3      view:

We are blower manufacturer, we also produce vacuum cleaner.whatever any airflow and pressure you need, we just change the vacuum cleaner air blower .

You need connect the air hose with inlet place, the air hose length is according to your necessary, when the air going into the air filter barrel ,it will filter the dust , stay the dust in the barrel, and let the clean air blowing out , when you use a period, you need to clean the barrel , remove the dust out from barrel, the vacuum cleaner structure is below:

The vacuum cleaner have two wheel ,you can move it into anywhere.handle arm with comfortable feeling, let it use more protable.

The below is blowe technology details, just find you need details, we can do it for you.

 The dimension about RB-033 is below, you can change other model , but the size of collector tank is the same.