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About after serive of Ou Guan Side channel blower and radial blowers.

They are quality warrented within 12 months .

Side channel blowers are suitable for all those applications requiring considerably higher pressures than that which can be achieved using centrifugal fans. 

Side channel exhausters are used in all those applications requiring an operating vacuum higher than the one achievable by a fan, 

but not as high as to require the use of a vacuum pump. The rotating parts of the blower are not in contact with the casing, there is therefore no friction during operation and thus no internal lubrication is necessary. The gas moving through the machine therefore remains uncontaminated and completely oil-free.

For the three phase machines the tolerance is +/- 10% for fixed voltage range and +/- 5% for regular voltage range

The single phase machines are designed with a +/- 5% tolerance. 

If only 90% of the maximum allowed pressure will be used for continuous operation then the allowed voltage range adds up to +/- 10%.

The frequency tolerances is maximum +/- 2%.