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        1. Dongguan Quan Feng Environmental Protection Equipment Co LTD,Chinese Ring Blower manufacturer. Established in July 2002.

        2. In August 2002,the first Japanese type “OuGuan” turbo air blower come to China mainland.

        3. In March 2003,8 series of  “OuGuan”turbo air blower come to Chinese market.

        4. In March 2004,the first container of  “OuGuan” turbo air blower China.

        5. From May 2005,China Mainland assembling factory established.

  6. In August 2006,China mainland design center established. 

  7. In May 2007,the first high pressure ring blower developed successfully

        8. In october 2007,the first multistage turbo blower developed successfully.

        9. In December 2007,move to new factory,totally cover an area of 6000 square meter.                                                

        10. In August 2008,ISO9001 standard approved.                        

        11. In October 2009, “OuGuan” Trade Mark approved.

        12. In 2010,we developed 8 series,70 kinds of low pressure,middel pressure and high pressure side channel blowers. Include Taiwanese

             Turbo Blower,Japanese type Regenerative blower and Simens type Ring blower.