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Ou Guan aluminium side channel blowers are robust units used for versatile applications.

These blowers stand out for their durability, due to the robust aluminium design,

which makes them highly resistant against corrosion.

Other advantages of Ou Guan side channel ventilators include:

  • lightweight due to use of aluminium
  • compact size for building into machines
  • corrosion-proof aluminium
  • contact free operation eliminating wear
  • oil-free so no maintenance
  • feature noise-dampers as standard, for low noise levels
  • universal gas pipe connection at inlet and outlet
  • vibration-free and pulsation-free operation
  • versatile use for pressure and vacuum

The use of Ou Guan aluminium side channel blowers is common in machine-building as high pressure ventilator,

vacuum pump, air pump, booster, low pressure compressor and oil-free compressor.

The applications are unlimited like aireting, dust cleaning, vacuum lifting, vacuum tables, blowing off,

pneumatic transport, cooling and vacuum molding.